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The 3600 Series Maxi-Mixer offers true flexibility in a vertical mixer, providing the ability to effectively mix both feedlot and dairy rations with a single auger design.  The exclusive SAC auger will mix high density feedlot rations without knives, or dairy rations with knives, both with less time and horsepower.  Available in both trailer and truck models, 350-1245 cubic feet capacities, multiple discharge options, and wheel choices, the 3600 Series can truly be tailored to meet your specific ration and operation needs.


  • Exclusive vertical auger design
  • Quick and complete unloading for faster feeding times
  • Rugged construction
  • Front, rear, side, and corner discharge available
  • 42” wide discharge door; 48″ wide discharge door optional
  • Heavy duty planetary drive
  • 3/4” flighting standard
  • 1/4” mixing chamber thickness
  • 5/8” or greater floor thickness (3/4” on HD models)
  • Heavy duty axles, hubs, and spindles
  • Available in truck, trailer, or stationary models
  • Rubber Hay extensions available (8” and 12”)
  • Sizes from 350 to 1245 cubic feet
  • Multiple load heights, widths, and axle configurations available
  • Discharge magnets available
  • Pair with a RAM system to maximize efficiency

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