16″ Chill Cast Rolls Make the Difference!



Roto-Mill roller mills provide an efficient and economical way to process whole grains into feed stuffs that are more palatable for livestock to consume and utilize. Mills are available in capacities from 600 to 5000 bushels per hour depending on roll cut and material being processed. Roto-Mills are available as trailers with choice of 540 or 1000 rpm drives, as well as stationary models. Standard features include chill cast rolls, 16” standard roll diameter, and magnetic intake grate.


Chill Cast Rolls

Chill cast rolls are the heart of the Roto-Mill. The roll material for these is cast from iron to a specific shape and size as opposed to other manufacturers that make their rolls from tube or pipe. This material and process results in superior material and longer lasting milling surface. Additionally, Roto-Mill rolls can be separated from the drive shafts if needed for re-grooving for a cut size change. Roto-Mills come standard with same speed rolls.

16” Roll Diameter

Roto-Mill rolls are 16” in diameter on all models – up to 7” larger than some competitors’ rolls. Larger rolls have a larger pinch/processing area than smaller rolls. The larger area processes more material for every revolution. More material per revolution means more grain processed more efficiently.

Magnetic Intake Grate

Roto-Mills come standard with a magnetic intake grate to collect any hardware that is generated during the harvesting process.


Cuts Per Inch

The number of grooves cut in each mill roll determines the size of the particle that will be allowed to pass between the rolls. The higher the number of grooves per inch, the smaller the depth of each groove and the finer that each processed particle will be. Lower quantity cuts per inch will increase capacity per hour and vice versa. Roto-Mill rolls are available in 4 to 10 cuts per inch.

Intake/Discharge Augers

Intake auger choices include a standard hydraulically driven hopper/pit auger, or for semi trailer unloading there is a truck hopper that power rotates under the trailer with a pair of 12VDC drive motors.

Discharge augers are driven via gearbox from roll drive and are manually swung to discharge position with a hand crank.

Auxiliary Drive Mill

Roto-Mills that have an auxiliary thru shaft are designed to power a secondary implement that is connected behind them, such as a bagger. This allows for multiple processes to occur simultaneously.

Differential Drive

When additional processing of material is desired, Roto-Mills can be equipped with a differential drive. This changes the speed relationship of a roll to the other by 40%, and adds additional shearing to the processing of the grains.

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