Used/Rebuilt Equipment

In the market for quality used equipment? Make Sioux Automation Center your first stop. We have a large selection of competitively-priced quality used equipment to meet your needs. All units have been cleaned, inspected and serviced by our in-house experts.

Our used equipment is categorized either “As Is” or “Rebuilt with Warranty”. “As Is” units are units that have been cleaned, inspected and serviced to a level to ensure the functionality of the unit, unless otherwise noted.

“Rebuilt with Warranty” units have been cleaned, inspected, serviced and rebuilt to a specific level. Rebuilt units carry a 90 day warranty on parts and labor done in our shop.

The Rebuilding Process:

  1. Initial Cleaning, Inspection & Service Completed
  2. Determination of Desired Level of Rebuilding
        This is usually a percentage of original condition of the unit, for example;
        it may be determined that the highest level that the unit can be rebuilt to
        is 50% of new.
  3. Rebuilding Plan Developed & Implemented
  4. Repair Technicians Rebuild Unit to Desired Level
  5. Final Inspection
  6. Unit Available for Sale at Price Based on Level of Rebuild

To see what Feed Mixers are for sale, click the link below.

SAC Used Equipment